Education|Prospective Students

Education|Prospective Students

Cooperative Courses

All IMRAM research divisions and centers collaborate with faculties and graduate schools of Tohoku university.
Potential international students at IMR, are required to undergo an admission exam of an appropriate graduate school.

Graduate School of Engineering 

DepartmentProfessor (lab.)
Department of
Mechanical Systems Engineering
AMEZAWA, Koji (Solid State Ionic Devices)
Department of
YASHIRO, Wataru (Surface Physics and Processing)
Department of
Quantum Science and Energy Engineering
KIRISHIMA, Akira (Radiochemistry)
Department of Applied PhysicsOKAMOTO, Satoshi ( Nanoscale Magnetism)
TAKATA, Masaki (Synchrotron Radiation Soft X-ray Microscopy)
TAKAHASHI, Masahiko (Quantum Electron Science)
CHICHIBU, Shigefusa (Quantum Optoelectronics)
Department of Applied ChemistryAKUTAGAWA, Tomoyuki (Hybrid Material Fabrication)
NAKAGAWA, Masaru (Photo-Functional Material Chemistry)
JINNAI, Hiroshi (Polymer Physics and Chemistry)
KATO, Hideki (Inorganic Materials for Chemical Transformation)
Department of Chemical EngineeringNISHIHARA, Hirotomo (Hybrid Carbon Nanomaterials)
TOMAI, Takaaki (Supercritical Fluid and Hybrid Nano Technologies)
Department of Biomolecular EngineeringKASAI, Hitoshi (Organic- and Bio-Nanomaterials)
Department of MetallurgySHIBATA, Hiroyuki (Materials Separation Processing)
UEDA, Shigeru (Base Materials Processing)
NOGAMI, Hiroshi (Environmental-Conscious Material Processing)
TAKAHASHI, Yukio (Synchrotron Radiation Microscopy and Informatics)
Department of Materials ScienceMOMOSE, Atsushi (Quantum Beam Measurements)
SATO, Shunichi (Laser Applied Material Science)
Department of Materials ProcessingYAMANE, Hisanori (Inorganic Crystal Structural Materials Chemistry)
KAMEOKA, Satoshi (Metallurgical Design for Material Functions)
TSUDA, Kenji (Nano-Electron Probe Diffractometry)
(Update: 2023.04.24)

Graduate School of Science 

DepartmentProfessor (lab.)
Department of
Division of Reaction Mechanism and DynamicsKOMEDA, Tadahiro (Advanced Scanning Probe Microscopy)
NANGO, Eriko (Quantum beam-based structural biology and chemistry)
WADA, Takehiko (Nanobio Functional Materials/Chemical Biology & Supramolecular Photochirogenesis)
KUMIGASHIRA, Hiroshi (Nano Physical Chemistry)
Nano/Micro Chemical Measurements
Division of Solid-State ChemistryKASAI, Hitoshi (Organic- and Bio-Nanomaterials)
Division of Biofunctional ChemistryNAGATSUGI, Fumi (Synthetic Chemistry for Biofunctional Molecules)
INABA, Kenji (Structural Biology)
TAKAHASHI, Satoshi (Biological and Molecular Dynamics)
MIZUKAMI, Shin (Cell Functional Molecular Chemistry)
Department of PhysicsDivision of Solid State SpectroscopyABUKAWA, Tadashi (Surface Structure Physics)
SATO, Taku J. (Quantum Spin Physics)
TERAUCHI, Masami (Electron-Crystallography and-Spectroscopy)
SATO, Taku J. (Structural Physics and Crystal Physics)
(Update: 2023.04.24)

Graduate School of Life Sciences 

DepartmentProfessor (lab.)
Department of Molecular and Chemical Life ScienceMultilevel Biomolecular Structure and DynamicsTAKAHASHI, Satoshi (Molecular Analysis of Biological Functions)
MIZUKAMI, Shin (Biofunctional Chemistry and Nanobiotechnology)
INABA, Kenji (Structural Biology)
YONEKURA, Koji(Structural Mechanism Research and Development)
(Update: 2023.04.24)

Graduate School of Environmental Studies 

DepartmentProfessor (lab.)
Department of Environmental Studies for Advanced SocietyDivision of Advanced Policies for EnvironmentKANO, Junya (Powder Processing for Functional Materials)
SHIBATA, Etsuro (Metallurgy and Recycling System for Metal Resources Circulation)
OMATA, Takahisa (Energy and Environmental Materials Creation)
FUKUYAMA, Hiroyuki (High-temperature physical chemistry of materials)
Department of Frontier Science for Advanced EnvironmentDivision of Earth and Environmental Systems DesignHONMA, Itaru (Energy Conversion Chemistry)
MURAMASU, Atsushi (Hybrid Nano-particle Research Laboratory)
Nishibori, Maiko (Polymer Hybrid Nanomaterials)
Division of Physical Chemistry for Environmental MaterialsYIN, Shu (Chemistry for Environmental Inorganic Materials)
KANIE, Kiyoshi (Hybrid Nanosystem)
NISHIHARA, Hirotomo (Hybrid Carbon Nanomaterials)
(Update: 2023.04.24)