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Welcome to Hiroyuki Shibata Laboratory !!

About us

Shibata Lab is a laboratory established in October 2012 in Institute of Multidisciplinary Research for Advanced Materials, Tohoku University. We focus on high-temperature interfacial phenomena and high-temperature physicochemical properties of molten metals, glass, oxides, and semiconductors. We are pleased to work with students/postdocs from outside of Japan. Feel free to contact Prof. Shibata by email (hiroyuki.shibata.e8(at)tohoku.ac.jp).

shibata lab members

Fusion of materials processing and physicochemical properties

Recycling, refining and solidification processes of materials are important to sustain high efficiency process for manufacturing products. Each materials separation process is governed by many chemical and thermophysical properties of materials and interfaces between materials. Functions of the materials should be clarified from micro mechanism of each phenomenon to develop high efficiency processes for materials separation by means of in-situ observation and measurements especially at high temperature.

Research subjects


  • Mechanism of heat transfer in molten silicates
  • Relationship between network structure and viscosity of molten silicates
  • Interfacial phenomena between molten silicate and solid metals
  • Kinetics of peritectic reaction and transformation of Fe-based alloys
  • Mechanism of solid state reaction between oxides and alloys
  • Mechanism of recycling and solidification of rare metals
  • Solution growth of silicon carbide