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3) Elucidation of protein function and development of new functional proteins
     [ Bioinorganic chemistry, Protein engineering ]

Proteins are responsible for most chemical reactions in vivo, and elucidation of their functions is indispensable for understanding life. In particular, proteins containing metals and chromophores have special reaction characteristics and functions, and they are interested in both biology and chemistry. This laboratory is mainly pursuing the mechanism of enzymes involved in heme metabolism, and we are also trying to discover new biological reactions taking advantage of this knowledge. We are also working on the creation of new fluorescent probes and photofunctional proteins by designing functional proteins with novel metabolites as chromophores.

Protein engineering
Ongoing research theme
1) Visualization of biomolecular dynamics in cells [ Bioimaging ]
2) Light manipulation of intracellular and in vivo molecular functions
     [ Photopharmacology, Optochemical biology ]

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