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Graduate student & Postdoctoral Fellow

1) Graduate student

Why do not you do research using original functional molecules in a new laboratory? At the Mizukami laboratory, we are looking for graduate students with willingness to work on state-of-the-art medical and biological research through chemistry-based substance creation technology. There are two methods to conduct research in our laboratory.

* Admission to "Department of Chemistry, Graduate School of Science and Science"
The International Graduate Program for Advanced Science (IGPAS)

* Admission to "Graduate School of Life Sciences"
Application details

Contact (Mizukami): shin.mizukami[at]tohoku.ac.jp


2) Postdoctoral Fellow

JSPS fellows (PD) are always welcomed. We are also looking for other doctoral researchers.
If you are interested in our laboratory research please contact us for details.


Research contents: Chemical biology based on development of photofunctional molecules
  (Design and synthesis of photofunctional molecules, and their medical and biological applications)
Eligibility: Have a Ph.D. in chemistry and experience in organic synthesis


Contact (Mizukami): shin.mizukami[at]tohoku.ac.jp