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2) Light manipulation of intracellular and in vivo molecular functions
     [ Photopharmacology, Optochemical biology ]

Recently, technologies that spatiotemporally controls biomolecular functions using light, such as optogenetics, have received much attention. As a chemical method, spatiotemporal activation of caged compounds, molecules that are physiologically active molecules temporarily inactivated with a photolabile protecting group, is well known. Although not so many studies about optical control methods using photochromic compounds have been reported, the advantage of photochromic compounds is the reversibility. Through the unique molecular design, we are developing novel technologies based on a caged compound or a photochromic compound that can control various biological functions with light.

Ongoing research theme
1) Visualization of biomolecular dynamics in cells [ Bioimaging ]
3) Elucidation of protein function and development of new functional proteins
     [ Bioinorganic chemistry, Protein engineering ]

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