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Creation of Environmental Responsive Inorganic Nanomaterials by Solvothermal Reaction

The development of environmentally responsive inorganic nanomaterials with controllable morphologies and their advanced functionalities related to energy and environment is carried out. Environmentally-friendly soft chemical processes, especially the solution processes consisting of solvothermal reactions using water and non-aqueous solvents at elevated temperatures, are mainly used for the synthesis of mixed anion compounds and the control of their electronic structures. The precise control of morphology, crystalline phase, crystallinity and particle size of environmental responsive inorganic nanomaterials is carried out under environmentally friendly conditions. The creation of environmentally responsive inorganic functional materials with novel applications for environmental harmony, high-efficiency energy utilization, and responsivity related to photons and chemicals is carried out.






① Process Design/ Control ② Environmental Responsive Functionality ③Novel Functionality Development


①プロセス制御 ②環境応答機能 ③新機能探索




  1. Development of functional inorganic materials by solvothermal process
  2. Morphology and size control of inorganic functional materials by WCRSP process
  3. Synthesis of mixed anion type high-sensitive visible-light-induced photocatalysts
  4. Improvement of solar light utilization efficiency in photocatalysis
  5. Development of ultraviolet / infrared shielding materials
  6. Creation of thermal therapeutic biomaterials
  7. Synthesis of multi-functional thin film and its application on smart windows
  8. Structure and functionality development of non-oxide nano-materials
  9. Development of environmentally friendly inorganic pigments
  10. Creation of rare earth-containing functional materials
  11. Others


  1. ソルボサーマルプロセスによる機能性無機材料の開発(プロセス制御)
  2. WCRSPプロセスによる無機機能材料の形態・サイズ制御(プロセス制御)
  3. 複合アニオン型高感度可視光応答光触媒の合成 (紫外線・可視光応答)
  4. 光触媒における光利用効率の増幅 (紫外線・可視光・赤外線応答)
  5. 紫外線/赤外線遮蔽材料の開発(紫外線・赤外線応答)
  6. バイオ温熱治療材料の創製(赤外線応答)
  7. マルチ機能性薄膜の創製とスマートウィンドウへの応用(新機能探索)
  8. 非酸化物のナノ構造制御と機能性創製(触媒活性・環境ガス・化学物質応答)
  9. 環境にやさしい無機顔料の開発
  10. 希土類含有機能材料の創製


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