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The opening hours of the library will be changed from July. Details will be announced at a later date.

[OPEN 11 am – 2 pm on weekdays]



■ OPEN 10 am – 4 pm on weekdays (Service Hours 10 am – 12 pm, 1 pm – 4 pm)

■ CLOSED  Saturdays, Sundays, National holidays and New year period (Dec.29 – Jan.3)
※Users will be notified in the event of any other temporary closures.

■ During closing hours
Members of IMRAM and AIMR can enter the library on the first floor at any time . Users are required to have a card to enter the AIMR Main building.


Entering the library

To enter the library, you need your Tohoku University ID card or Tohoku University Library User card.

User Card
Staff Staff ID Card
Students Student ID Card
Professor emeritus Professor emeritus ID Card
Visiting professors
Visiting researchers
Library User Card


Using materials

The materials of the library can be accessed.

Types of materials Location
Books 1st Floor
Newly arrived journals 2nd Floor
Back number journals 1st Floor
Reference books (Encyclopedias, dictionaries, handbooks, etc.) 1st Floor
Newspapers ( Nihon-keizaishimbun, Nikkan-kogyo-shimbun, Kagaku-kogyo-nipo) 2nd Floor

(Today – 3 months ago)


■ Checking out
You can only borrow books. Journals, reference books are not available for borrowing. You need either your ID card or Library User card in order to borrow the books you want. Please check out using the self-checkout machine located on the 1st floor.
Members of Tohoku University can renew books up to once in a row, but you cannot renew them if there is a reservation made by another user. Please apply for renewal by MyLibrary on the website of the library.

 User Loan limit Loan period
Tohoku University members 10 books 2 weeks
Walk in user 3 books 1 week


■ Reservation
You can still request the materials that have already been checked out by others in “MyLibrary” on the library website.


■ Returning
Please return the books to the Service Desk on the 2nd floor during opening hours.
It is also possible to return the books you have borrowed from any other libraries within Tohoku University.


■ Compensation
You will be required to replace any materials that have been lost or damaged during the loan period.


■ Photocopying Materials in the Library
When you make photocopies of the materials, please use the self-service photocopy machine in the library. The machines must be used with a photocopy card supplied to each laboratory. Application forms for copy services are located next to the machines. Please fill in a form and put it in the box placed nearby.


Please respect copyright rules when making photocopies.

  1. Copyrighted materials can only be copied in part and not in full.
  2. While complete papers and other articles published in periodicals can be copied in full, this provision is limited to documents for which a certain amount of time has elapsed since its publication (the next issue of the periodical has already been published or a period of three months has elapsed).
  3. Copies are limited to one per person.
  4. Copies should be used only for academic purposes.
  5. Re-copying and distribution of copies are not permitted regardless of whether any remuneration is given.


Using facilities

■ Using computers (Tohoku University members only)
You can also get access to our wireless LAN network (eduroam) on the 2nd floor. You need your Tohoku University ID and password to log on to the wireless LAN in the library.
Printing is available only to IMRAM members. You must have a photocopy card supplied to each laboratory to use the printer.


■ Meeting Room (IMRAM members and AIMR members only)
The room holds ten people and includes a projector, screen, whiteboard, meeting tables, and chairs.
Please go to the Service Desk when applying for the use of the room. Reservations may be accepted.


Online Service

■ MyLibrary


“MyLibrary” is the website for Tohoku University members only.

MyLibrary has the following contents

* Inter-campus book delivery request

* Reservation of books

* Extension of books loan period

* Request for lending / copying of materials to other university libraries


■ Online Catalog


You can search books and journals that belong in and outside the Tohoku University.


■ Online journals / Online books / Databases (Tohoku University members only)

The lists of online journals ,online books and databases are placed on the library website.



Users of the online journals are requested to follow the rules of contract specified below.
1. The members of Tohoku University from the Tohoku University IP addresses only are authorized to have access to the online journals.
2. We may download, printout and store data from the online journals only for our personal use.
3. We must prevent a massive download of articles from a whole issue whether manually or automatically.
4. We must prevent a transfer to third parties and alternation of the data downloaded from the online journals.
5. Use of automating software to carry out massive download of articles may be regarded violation of the contract regardless of the intention of the user.


Document Delivery

Members of IMRAM and AIMR can request photocopies and loans of materials that are not available at the library.


■ Loan of books
(1) On-Campus Libraries
Application: You can request from the MyLibrary search function on the library website.
(Except for Journals, Reference books, and laboratory books)
Borrowing limit: 5 books for 2 weeks


(2) Off-Campus Libraries (There is a charge for this service)
Application: You can request by MyLibrary (Use “InterLibraryLoan/Photocopy Request”) .
Fees: Postage


■ Photocopies of materials (There is a charge for this service)
Application: You can request by MyLibrary (Use “InterLibraryLoan/Photocopy Request”) .
Fees (On-campus): Black copy  20 yen / 1p    Color copy  40  yen / 1p
Fees (Off-campus) : 35 yen  / 1p ~ + postage


■ Payment
Payment must be done by laboratory expense. The amount will be drawn from your lab’s official budget without cash exchange. But it is necessary to get permission to use the laboratory expense from the administrator of your lab before you apply.