2015/11/08-13 ISGN-6 (The 6th International Symposium on Growth of III-Nitrides) @ Act City Hamamatsu


講演番号 発表者 タイトル
No.Tu-A28 M. Saito (oral+poster) High Quality Bulk GaN Crystal Grown by Acidic Ammonothermal Method
No.Tu-B19 K. Kojima (oral+poster) Spectroscopic ellipsometry studies on the m-plane Al1-xInxN epilayers grown by metalorganic vapor phase epitaxy on a freestanding GaN substrate
No.I-We-B2 K. Kojima (Upgraded Invited-oral) Low resistivity m-plane freestanding GaN substrate with very low point defect concentration grown by hydride vapor phase epitaxy on an ammonothermal GaN seed crystal
No.We-A43 S. F. Chichibu (oral+poster) Metalorganic vapor phase epitaxy and time-resolved luminescence studies of pseudomorphic m-plane Al1-xInxN epitaxial films on a low defect density m-plane GaN substrate
No.We-B43 K. Shimada (oral+poster) First-principles calculations of structural, elastic, and piezoelectric properties in wurtzite InxAl1-xN