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Review・Book Chapters / 総説など

(1)      T.SATO, and S.YIN, “Synthesis and Photochemical Activity of Layered Compound / Semiconductor Nano-composites, in“Ceramic Data Book 2001”, Ed. Kogyo Seihin Gijyutu Kyoukai, 29, pp49-52. (in Japanese)
(2)      T.SATO, and S.YIN, “Synthesis of Visible Light Active Photocatalysts – Utilization of Layered Compounds and Low-Valence Oxides” in “Development of Functional Fine Particles and Nanomaterials-Part 3”, Frontier Publishing Co.Ltd, 2004, Edited by: Masumi .Koish, Chapter 3, pp153-160. (in Japanese)
(3)      S. YIN, T. SATO, “Synthesis of High-Active Photocatalyst by Soft Chemical Processes”, in “Recent Research Developments in Solid State Ionics”, Ed. Transworld Research Network (ISBN:81-7895-145-2), 2004, Chapter 2, pp33-70.
(4)      T.SATO, S.YIN,Synthesis and Drying of Ultrafine Particles”,in “Nano Technology with Supercritical Fluids” , CMC.Co.Ltd. 2004,Edited by Tadafumi Adschiri, Chapter 6,Session 6.8, pp165-171. (in Japanese)
(5)      T.SATO, S.YIN, “Layered Photocatalyst” in “High Active Titania Photocatalyst”, NTS Co.Ltd.,2004, Edited by M.Anpo, Chapter 3, pp79-95. (in Japanese)
(6)      T.SATO, S.YIN, Synthesis and Applications of Layered Semiconductor” in “Photocatalyst”, NTS, Co.Ltd., 2005, Edited by: Kazuhito Hashimoto, Bunsho Otani, and Akihoko Kudo, Chapter 1, Session3.4, (ISBN4-86043-084-0 C3043), pp160-166. (in Japanese)
(7)      T.SATO, S.YIN, “Solvothermal Synthesis of Visible Light Induced Titania Photocatalyst” in “Photocatalyst”, NTS, Co.Ltd., 2005, Edited by: Kazuhito Hashimoto, Bunsho Otani, and Akihoko Kudo, Chapter 3, Session3.3.4, (ISBN4-86043-084-0 C3043), pp160-166. (in Japanese)
(8)      T.SATO, S.YIN, “Synthesis Process for the Visible Light Induced Photocatalyst.” in “Visible-light Photocatalyst”, CMC Co.Ltd., 2005, Edited by Yasunori Taga (ISBN4-88231-529-7), Chapter 4, pp34-43. (in Japanese)
(9)      T.SATO, S.YIN, “Layered Compound Photocatalysts.” in“Visible-light Photocatalyst”, CMC Co.Ltd., 2005, Edited by Yasunori Taga (ISBN4-88231-529-7), Chapter 4, pp100-110. (in Japanese)
(10)   T.SATO, S.YIN, “Catalyst and Photocatalytic Function-Layered Compound Photocatalysts.” in “Handbook of Nanomaterials Engineering, Part 1: New Ceramics and Glass”, Fuji Technosystem Co.Ltd., 2005, Edited by K.Hirao, (ISBN4-938555-97-2 C3550), Chapter 3, Session 3, pp431-437.(in Japanese)
(11)   T.SATO, S.YIN, “Applications of Nano-composite Ceramics -Nano Photo-Functionalized Materials”, in“Nano-Composite Materials”, Frontier Publishing” Co.Ltd.,2005, Edited by A.Inoue, (ISBN 4-902410-06-0), Chapter 5, pp246-251. (in Japanese)
(12)   S.YIN, K.IHARA, and T.SATO, “Solvothermal Synthesis of Nitrogen Doped Visible Light Induced Photocatalyst, in“Visible Light Induced Photocatalysts and Photocatalytic Products”, NTS Inc., 2006, (ISBN4 907837-14-3 C3058,), Chapter 7,,p61-68. (in Japanese)
(13)   T.SATO, S.YIN, “UV-Shielding Materials” in “Additives in Medical and Cosmetic MaterialsEd. Technical Information Institute Co.LTD., 2008, Chapter 3 Session2, pp123-129. (in Japanese)
(14)   S.YIN*, and T.SATO, “Non-metallic oxides- Ceramic Materials” in “The Current Issue Case Histories in Corrosion Failures Analysis and Corrosion Diagnostics” Technosystem co.Ltd., 2008, Edited by T.Ishihara, Chapter 4, session 3-2, pp.203-212. (in Japanese)
(15) S.YIN*, and T.SATO, Wet-chemical Synthesis of Titania Based High-Active Photocatalysts, J.Cryst.Phys.Chem.,1(1), 11-30, 2010.
(16)   S. YIN*, Q. ZHANG, F. SAITO and T. SATO,Synthesis of Titanium Dioxide Based, Visible-light Induced Photocatalysts by Mechanochemical Doping”, in “High Energy Ball Milling: Mechanochemical Processing of Nanopowders”, Woodhead Publishing Limited ISBN 978-1-84569-531-6 (Book), Woodhead Publishing ISBN 978-1-84569-944-4 (e-Book), CRC Press ISBN 978-1-4398-2974-5,  Edited by Małgorzata Sopicka-Lizer, 2010, Chapter 13,pp304-330.
(17) T.SATO( (Memorial Review for the Scientific Award 2009), and S.YIN, Morphology Control of Cerium Phosphates for UV-Shielding Application, Phosphorous Res. Bullet., 24, 43-48, 2010.
(18) T.SATO, S.YIN, and S.YABE, Morphology Control and Cosmetic Application of Cerium Oxide, Ceramics, 46, No1. 39-44, 2011.(in Japanese)
(19) C.S.GUO, S.YIN*, and T.SATO, Tungsten Oxide-Based Nanomaterials: Morphological-Control, Properties, and Novel Applications, Rev. Adv. Sci. Eng. 1, 235–263,2012.
(20) T.SATO, P.ZHANG, and S.YIN, High Performance Visible Light Responsive Photocatalysts for Environmental Cleanup via Solution Processing, Progress in Crystal Growth and Characterization of Materials,58, 92-105, 2012.
(21) S. YIN*, U. SLAEMAN, and T. SATO, Current Progress on Modified SrTiO3 Visible Light Induced Photocatalyst, Mater. Focus 1, 18-31 , 2012.
(22) (Feature Paper) H.H.LI, S.YIN*, Y.W.WANG, and T.SATO, Current Progress on Persistent Fluoresence-Assisted Composite Photocatalysts, Funct.Mater.Lett., 6, 1330005, 2013.
(23)  殷 澍*、佐藤次雄、「夜でも働く高性能蓄光型光触媒の開発」、コンバーテック(加工技術協会)、No.7, p34-37, 2014.(in Japanese)
(24)  殷 澍*、佐藤次雄、「複合化学反応場での機能性ナノ粒子創成」、金属84, No.11, 59-66, 2014..(in Japanese)