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Welcome! We look forward to seeing you in Yamagata, Japan!

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⭐︎Getting to the Venue (Taki no Yu) from JR Tendo Station ⭐︎

The venue is located 1.1 km from JR Tendo Station, which is approximately a 15-minute walk. On March 3rd, a complimentary shuttle bus service will be available from JR Tendo station, timed to coincide with the arrival of the Shinkansen Tsubasa 131 at the station at 12:01 PM. We recommend using this shuttle service if your schedule allows. The journey by bus takes about 5 minutes, and there is no charge for this service. The bus pickup point is located at the taxi stand on the East Exit of JR Tendo Station. Look for a staff member holding a "KIFEE-11" sign, who will direct you to the bus stop.

Meeting place

Takinoyu Hotel
1-1-30 Kamatahoncho Tendo-City
Yamagata, JAPAN 994-0025
TEL +81-23-654-2211

How to get to Takinoyu Hotel

For details on access to the venue, please see the following page.
Acess to Takinoyu Hotel
Takinoyu Hotel offers a free shuttle bus service from Tendo Station to the hotel (advance reservation required).


Airplane: HANEDA airport to YAMAGATA airport ( 2 flights a day )
          (1) Departures:07:15 Arrival:08:15 ( JAL175 )
          (2) Departures:17:30 Arrival:18:35 ( JAL179 )

          YAMAGATA airport to HANEDA airport ( 2 flights a day )
          (1) Departures:09:50 Arrival:10:55 ( JAL174 )
          (2) Departures:19:15 Arrival:20:20 ( JAL178 )

Please take a taxi from YAMAGATA Airport to Takinoyu Hotel (approximately 15 min.).

          TOKYO station to TENDO station. It takes 3 hours.
          The departure about every one or two hours from 6:12 to 20:44

          Please take a taxi from TENDO station to Takinoyu Hotel (approximately 5 min.).