Nango LaboratoryQuantum beam-based structural biology and chemistry,Institute of Multidisciplinary Research for Advanced Materials, Tohoku University




Eriko Nango

Messages from Professor Eriko Nango

The Nango laboratory was established in April 2020. The laboratory was named as The Research Field of Quantum Beam-based Structural Biology and Chemistry with the desire to explore my research interests in the fields of "structural biology" and "chemistry" using "a quantum beam," including X-ray free-electron lasers, synchrotron radiations, and electron beams. Our aim is to elucidate the reaction mechanisms of biomolecules by cutting-edge measurements using a quantum beam. Furthermore, we aim for applications, including a rational design of molecules based on the results from the measurements.

Our research is multidisciplinary, consisting of chemistry, biology, and physical chemistry approaches. We are looking forward to engaging students who would like a challenge of developing new technologies and who are motivated to learn about such a multidisciplinary research field. According to me, a laboratory is not only a place to study academics but also a place to develop necessary skills as a member of society. I always encourage students to conceive ideas by themselves and experience working with a team as well as learn about related research areas and cutting-edge techniques.


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