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Omata Lab,
Institute of Multidisciplinary Research for Advanced Materials,
Tohoku Univeristy

About us

Omata Lab is a new laboratory which was established in April 2016 in Institute of Multidisciplinary Research for Advanced Materials, Tohoku Univeristy.
We have been discovering the new materials which would be the central parts of the energy conversion devices such as solar cell, fuel cell, illumination and display. Our goal is discovering the low-environmental-impact materials to open the way to the future of human beings.
In order to pursue the high-performance new materials, it is sometimes necessary to design the fabrication process itself. Based on the understanding of migration of atoms or molecules, and chemical reactions, we are also developing new fabrication process itself to create the new materials exactly as we wish.

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Main research interests

There are a lot of problems remaining we have to solve; how to generate reproducible energy and how to use a limited amount of natural sources efficiently. “Discovering the new materials” has always been the main key to the breakthroughs human beings achieved in the history. In our lab, we are aim to discover the new materials with which we can overcome the obstacles in the way to creating a new social system based on clean energy and energy conservation. We are active in the following fields;

  1. Materials for the next-generation solar cell
  2. Materials for the next-generation fuel cell
  3. Materials for the next-generation display and illumination


We are waiting for students/researchers with challenging spirit!

Omata Lab is located at Katahira campus of Tohoku University in the center of Sendai City (Map). In general, we offer PhD, master and bachelor theses. A lot of students from various universities other than Tohoku university are studying in our group. We are also pleased to work with students/postdocs from outside of Japan. Feel free to contact Prof. Omata by email (takahisa.omata.c2(at)tohoku.ac.jp).