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  • 2021/04/05
    The homepage of Nango Laboratory has been released.
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Capturing the structural dynamics of a biomolecule at work using a quantum beam

A protein is one of the biomolecules essential to life phenomena, such as cell signaling, in vivo catalytic reactions, storage, and transport. The three-dimensional structure of a protein, which consists of several amino acids, is closely related to its function, and there has been an interest in how a protein structurally changes when it performs its functions. However, it remains challenging to capture reactions or movements in diverse proteins during a wide time scale (femtoseconds to seconds) at an atomic level.

Our laboratory uses a quantum beam such as an X-ray free-electron laser, synchrotron radiation, or an electron beam to visualize actual chemical and structural changes in proteins. For instance, we aim to reveal the switching on/off mechanism of light-sensitive proteins and reaction mechanism of enzymes catalyzing unique reactions. Moreover, we aim to design and create protein molecules with new functions based on precise information from dynamic structural analysis.