The celebration party of Prof. Kyotani wining

Utz-Helmuth Felcht Award 2017
The 6th Carbon Outstanding Contribution Award of China

2017th Year-End Party iYNj of Kyotani-Lab.
Celebration of Prof. Kyotanifs birthday!

December 20th, 2017
in Restaurant "Hagi"

First, the opening talk by Dr. T. Itoh (AIST, Japan)

Making a toast of the celebration party by Dr. Y. Hoshikawa

Description of the celebration;
Prof. Kyotani won the two big honors in this year.

gUtz-Helmuth Felcht Award 2017h
gThe 6th Carbon Outstanding Contribution Award of Chinah

The many celebration messages were sent
from not only domestic but also oversea researchers.
All they were shown in this party.

Prof. H. Nishihara (from Canada)
Prof. Q-C Yang (from China)
Dr. B. Raul (from Spain)
Dr. A. Castro-Muniz (from Spain)
Dr. N. Khanin (from Thailand)
Dr. M. Itoh
Dr. T. Iijima
Dr. M. Hiyoshi
Mr. S. Furukawa
Prof. H. Itoi
Dr. S. Iwamura
Dr. T. Ishii
Mr. H. Ishihara (from Iran)
Thank you very much!

Ceremony of the presentation;
Kyotani-Lab. members prepared the anniversary gift
which is a pen with carbon fiber reinforced shaft.

(left) Mr. Harigaya, shows the anniversary pen.
(center) Prof. Kyotani
(right) Ms. Owada

The talk by Prof. Kyotani;
he very thanked many contributions of his researches
by all co-workers since he starts his study.

The birthday cake

Closing talk by Dr. Kasukabe

Participants of the party
Prof. Kyotani
Dr. Itoh
Prof. Widiastuti
Dr. Hoshikawa
Dr. Ouzzine
Dr. Kasukabe
Ms. Sakurai
Ms. Ohwada
Mr. Nomura [D2]
Mr. Tang [D1]
Mr. Kawaguchi [M2]
Mr. Sato [M2]
Mr. Harigaya [M2]
Mr. Takatsuki [M1]
Mr. Mashiyama [M1]
Mr. Goto [B4]
Mr. Takahashi [B4]