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当研究室は東北大学 大学院理学研究科 化学専攻の協力講座です。大学院への入学方法などは理学研究科化学専攻のホームページを参照して下さい。他大学・他学部から進学を希望する人には自己推薦入試という制度もあります。

Recruitment of graduate students

Nano-micro chemistry is a very active field with ever-increasing growth. I hope to be able to study with ambitious students who want to study in these fields. Most of them are graduate students who have graduated from the Department of Chemistry and related departments, but we also welcome requests from life, physics, engineering, etc.

Our laboratory is a collaborative course of the Department of Chemistry, Graduate School of Science, Tohoku University. Please refer to the website of the Department of Chemistry, Graduate School of Science for information on how to enter the graduate school. There is also a self-recommended entrance examination system for those who wish to go on to university from another university or faculty.





Guidance policy:

There are various research themes, from basic to relatively close to application, such as the theme of observing chemical phenomena well, the theme of new laser spectroscopy, and the theme of greatly improving analytical methods. By the end of graduate school, most graduate students, not to mention domestic academic societies, will present their research results at international conferences. I think it’s important to make a presentation that can be communicated to the listeners, so it takes a relatively long time to prepare for the presentation. Many graduate students have received presentation awards so far.

Based on the improvement of basic academic ability, I would like graduate students to acquire the ability to play an active role in any field of industry, government and academia. This field is also a field where great expectations are placed on its application and practical application, and it is also a field with many unclear basics. Even if you are conducting basic research, I think that you can gain a wide range of perspectives by presenting at academic conferences and attending lectures.




YouTube: Hibara Lab.




・日本分析化学会第65年会若手ポスター賞 遠藤拓也
・第5回CSJ化学フェスタ優秀ポスター賞 秋山葵
・日本分析化学会第64年会若手優秀ポスター賞 古川琴浩
・日本化学会第94春季年会学生講演賞 福山真央
・第3回CSJ化学フェスタ優秀ポスター賞 鄭明夏
・第58回ポーラログラフィーおよび電気化学分析化学討論会優秀賞 福山真央
・第2回CSJ化学フェスタ優秀ポスター賞 関一成
・第60回日本分析化学会年会 若手優秀講演賞 福山真央
・第60回日本分析化学会年会 若手優秀講演賞 関康一郎
・JAIMA Discussion on Analytical Science and Technology 2011, Poster Award, 風間佑斗
・Hot Article Award (Analytical Science): Mao Fukuyama, Akihide Hibara, ‘Release of Encapsulated Content in Microdroplets’, Analytical Sciences27(7), 671-672 (2011).
・第21回化学とマイクロ・ナノシステム研究会 優秀ポスター賞 風間佑斗
・第71回分析化学討論会 若手優秀ポスター賞 関康一郎