Research Center for Mineral Processing and Metallurgy


Development of Simpler Coarse-Grain Model for Analyzing Behavior of Particles in Fluid Flow
Kizuku Kushimoto*, Kaya Suzuki, Shingo Ishihara, Rikio Soda, Kimihiro Ozaki and Junya Kano
Processes, 9(7), 1098 – 1098 (2021.6)

Calculation of greenhouse gas emissions for a carbon recycling system using mineral carbon capture and utilization technology in the cement industry
Izumi, Y., Iizuka, A. & Ho, H. J., 2021 8 20, In: Journal of Cleaner Production. 312, 127618.

Composition dependence of normal spectral emissivity of liquid Ni–Al alloys
Adachi, M., Yamagata, Y., Watanabe, M., Hamaya, S., Ohtsuka, M. & Fukuyama, H., 2021 3 15, In: Isij International. 61, 3, p. 684-689 6 p.

Design of a Novel Fertilizer Made from Steelmaking Slag Using the Glassy Phase of the CaO–SiO2–FeO System. Part II: Evaluation of the Novel Fertilizer in a Paddy Soil Environment
Koizumi, S., Gao, X., Ueda, S. & Kitamura, S. Y., 2021 3, In: Journal of Sustainable Metallurgy. 7, 1, p. 99-114 16 p.

Distribution of studtite and metastudtite generated on the surface of U3O8: application of Raman imaging technique to uranium compound
Kusaka, R., Kumagai, Y., Yomogida, T., Takano, M., Watanabe, M., Sasaki, T., Akiyama, D., Sato, N. & Kirishima, A., 2021, In: journal of nuclear science and technology. 58, 6, p. 629-634 6 p.

Direct Printable Proton-Conducting Nanocomposite Inks for All-Quasi-Solid-State Electrochemical Capacitors
Iwase, K., Stauss, S., Gambe, Y., Miyazaki, R. & Honma, I., 2021 4 26, In: ACS Applied Energy Materials. 4, 4, p. 3651-3659 9 p.

SnS Homojunction Solar Cell with n-Type Single Crystal and p-Type Thin Film
Kawanishi, S., Suzuki, I., Bauers, S. R., Zakutayev, A., Shibata, H., Yanagi, H. & Omata, T., 2021 4, In: Solar RRL. 5, 4, 2000708.

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