Research Center for Mineral Processing and Metallurgy

About CMPM


Institute of Multidisciplinary Research for Advanced Materials (IMRAM or Tagenken), Tohoku University, created in part from the former Research Institute of Mineral Dressing and Metallurgy, has been researching all sorts of things through many different approaches and viewpoints. Our institute promotes the development of cutting edge research and new areas of study, while also re-concentrating new comprehensive knowledge of metal resource processing. We aim to be a leader in future training and the continuing development of the metallurgical industry, and have established the Center for Mineral Processing and Metallurgy (CMPM) in order to fulfill these goals. This center will recreate the expertise of processing and metallurgy that will support social infrastructure, and pursue new metal resource processing in the future, starting with the processes of dressing and refining metals, but also including the process of recovering resources from waste, nuclear fuel processes, resources circulation and disposal processing, and urban mining processes.


The Center for Mineral Processing and Metallurgy was created in April of 2018, as a “the only center for research and education in the field of mineral processing and metal refining”. The goals of our center are to educate engineers and members of society at large about our related fields, to create a core of excellence that is the core for the Tohoku region and related universities and institutions in the area, and to promote collaborative research between industry, government and academia. The center has organized into a research unit that can effectively carry out strategic research missions on the important issues in the fields of mineral processing and metal refining. The issues we intend to work on include processes for resource recovery from waste materials, nuclear fuel processes, resource circulation and disposal, and urban mining.


Manager of Center: Itaru HONMA

Research field Hiroyuki FUKUYAMA High-temperature Physical Chemistry of Materials
Shigeru UEDA Base Materials Processing
Junya KANO Powder Processing for Functional Materials
Akira KIRISHIMA Energy System
Itaru HONMA Chemistry of Energy Conversion Devices
Etsuro SHIBATA Metallurgy and Recycling System for Metal Resources Circulation
Takahisa OMATA Atomic Site Control in Inorganic Materials
Field of cooperative research Hiroshi NOGAMI Environmental-Conscious Materials Processing*
Hiroyuki SHIBATA Materials Separation Processing*


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