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Organization Chart

Director Managers’ Meeting Management Strategy Office Steering Meeting Subcommittees Joint Usage/Research Center & Alliance Faculty Meeting Administration Meeting Research Support Section Division of Organic- and Bio-materials Research * Synthesis of Organic Functional Molecules * Functional Photochemistry and Chemical Biology * Nano Physical Chemistry * Biomolecular Structure * Cell Functional Molecular Chemistry * Biological and Molecular Dynamics * Soft Materials * Inorganic Solid State Materials Chemistry * Synchrotron Radiation Microscopy and Informatics * Quantum Spin Physics * Nanoscale Magnetism * Hybrid Nano System * Solid Surface Physics * Hard Materials Division of Inorganic Material Research Division of Process and System Engineering Division of Measurements Collaborative Research Division * Non-ferrous Metallurgy and Environmental Science * Advanced Analysis of Iron and Steelmaking Processes * Advanced Electron Microscopy Center for Mineral Processing and Metallurgy Materials-Measurement Hybrid Research Center * Supercritical Fluid and Hybrid Nano Technologies * Laser Applied Material Science * Solid State Ionic Devices * Environmental-Conscious Material Processing * Materials Separation Processing * Process System * Quantum Beam-based Structural Biology and Chemistry * Quantum Electron Science * Quantum Beam Measurements * Structural Physics and Crystal Physics * Nano/Micro Chemical Measurements * Polymer Physics and Chemistry * Frontier Quantum-beam metrology * Quantum Optoelectronics * Measurements Research Section * High-temperature Physical Chemistry of Materials * Base Materials Processing * Powder Processing for Functional Materials * Energy Resources and Processing * Chemistry of Energy Conversion Devices * Metallurgy and Recycling System for Metal Resources * Circulation * Hybrid Nano-particle * Atomic Site Control in Inorganic Materials * Environmental-Conscious Material Orocessing (C) * Materials Separation Processing (C) * Synchrotron Radiation Soft X-ray Microscopy * Electron -Crystallography and -Spectroscopy * Electron Interference Measurement * Advanced Scanning Probe Microscopy * Polymer Hybrid Nanomaterials * Organic and Hybridized Nanocrystals * Hybrid Carbon Nanomaterials * Hybrid Material Fabrication * Photo-Functional Material Chemistry * Organic- and Bio- Nanomaterials * Inorganic Crystal Structural Materials Chemistry * Metallurgical Design for Material Functions * Environmental Inorganic Materials Chemistry * Inorganic Materials for Chemical Transformation * Information Branch * Safety Planning Section * Library * TAGEN Central Analytical Facility * General Affairs Section * Finance Section Administrative Office Annexed Research Section * Machine Shop * Glass Shop * Nano Biophysics Technical Service Section
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