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Organization Chart

image/svg+xml Director DeputyDirector AssistantDirector SteeringMeeting Subcommittees Research Strategy,Joint Research Center,Alliance Promotion Office FacultyMeeting AdministrationMeeting ResearchSupport Section TechnicalService Section Division of Organic- and Bio-materials Research Synthesis of Organic Functional Molecules Functional Photochemistry and Chemical Biology Nano Physical Chemistry Biomolecular Structure Cell Functional Molecular Chemistry Nano Biophysics Biological and Molecular Dynamics Soft Materials Computational Materials Thermodynamics Microstructural Control of Functional Materials Quantum Spin Physics Nanoscale Magnetism and Devices Chemical Reaction Engineering Solid State Ion Physics Hard Materials Division of Inorganic Material Research Division of Process and System Engineering Division of Measurements Collaborative Research Division of Non-ferrousMetallurgy and Environmental Science Center for Mineral Processing and Metallurgy Center for Advanced Microscopy and Spectroscopy Polymer・Hybrid Materials Research Center Center for Exploration of New Inorganic Materials Supercritical Fluid and Hybrid Nano Technologies Laser Applied Material Science Solid State Ionic Devices Environmental-Conscious Material Processing Materials Separation Processing Process System Electron and Molecular Dynamics Quantum Electron Science Quantum Beam Measurements Structural Physics and Crystal Physics Nano/Micro Chemical Measurements Polymer Physics and Chemistry Surface Physics and Processing Quantum Optoelectronics Measurements ResearchSection ※ AIMR High-temperature Physical Chemistry of Materials Base Materials Processing Powder Processing for Functional Materials Energy Resources and Processing Chemistry of Energy Conversion Devices Metallurgy and Recycling System for Metal ResourcesCirculation Hybrid Nano-particle Atomic Site Control in Inorganic Materials Environmental-Conscious Material Processing (C) Materials Separation Processing (C) Synchrotron Radiation Soft X-ray Microscopy Electron -Crystallography and -Spectroscopy Electron Interference Measurement Advanced Scanning Probe Microscopy Polymer Hybrid Nanomaterials Organic and Hybridized Nanocrystals Hybrid Carbon Nanomaterials Hybrid Material Fabrication Photo-Functional Material Chemistry Organic- and Bio- Nanomaterials Inorganic Crystal Structural Materials Chemistry Metallurgical Design for Material Functions Environmental Inorganic Materials Chemistry Design of Advanced Inorganic Materials Information Branch Safety Planning Section Library TAGEN Central Analytical Facility International Fellowship, University-IndustryResearch Collaboration Promotion Office SR Application Task Force on Industrial Relations General Affairs Section Finance Section AdministrativeOffice Annexed ResearchSection
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