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Crossover Alliance to Create the Future with People, Intelligence and Materials

Crossover Alliance to Create the Future with People, Intelligence and Materials is a unique project in which five research institutes of five Universities in Japan form a complementary and cooperative network through mutual collaboration and networking in their scientific fields of expertise.

The number of Principal Investigator belonging to the five research institutes is approximately 150 people, and the total number of faculty researchers exceeds 400 people. In April 2022, a new phase of the Crossover Alliance Project will begin, and at the same time, a new group on information, mathematics, and artificial intelligence (GC) has been established to start a new initiative to solve scientific issues through crossover among the groups.

In the Crossover Alliance Program, we plan and operate various programs such as "CORE2-A Laboratory," "Young FS Research Proposals," and "Yokogushi Program" in close collaboration with the Center Network Project "Joint Research Center for Materials and Devices Area. In these programs, the cross-appointment system is actively utilized to promote inter-University exchange of human resources.

Through the Crossover Alliance, crossover of people, science, technology, and knowledge is realized, thereby contributing to the enhancement of research capabilities of individual five Research Institutes and Universities. The Alliance also aims to return new science, technology, and knowledge to society through the efficient circulation of domestic and international research resources and the fostering of young researchers.

We wish your cooperation and aggressive participation to these programs.

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