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Dynamic Alliance for Open Innovation Bridging Human, Environment and Materials

The "Dynamic Alliance for Open Innovation Bridging Human, Environment and Materials” has started in April 2016 as for the 6 years research project among five university institutes named "Five-star Alliance."
Why five institute? What outcome would be expected? The five participating institutes individually have accomplished the significant achievements in various multidisciplinary research areas. In addition to their own research capabilities, networking among five institutes would bring much more chances to create cutting-edge research results by synergy of each party, open a new door in the science and technology eventually realizing the innovation for the future.
For these purposes, the five-star alliance has strategically established three research groups covering the topics in "Electronics", "Environment and Energy", and "Life Science" among the members. We have launched new programs of public-offering-type collaborative research for external researcher, of-stay type cooperative research called "CORE Lab", and programs for encouraging young researchers and students.
We wish your cooperation and aggressive participation to these programs.

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